New Years Eve day-trip to Jerusalem

Music: Arcade Fire – Afterlife


4 responses to “theHOLYLAND

  1. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading your most current blogs. I was referred to you by our “aunt” Yvonne. Aside from your new found adventures, your art work has sparked an interest. Your theme and clear cut inspiration are prevalent, but if I may ask what inspired you to use such a linear aspect? Have you ventured into different mediums? Forgive me for being so straight forward, Aunt Yvonne spoke very highly of you and assured me my questions wouldn’t be a bourdon.

    • I’m glad you’ve enjoyed. I’d say the linear aspect in much of the art uploaded on the site is influenced by my interest/appreciation for minimalistic design. It’s also a product of the platform; many of these are finger drawings on my iPad. Believe it or not, I really miss creating with pencil/pen and paper.

  2. hey josh i enjoyed watching ur little vid, as a big hapoel fan im glad we have a decent guy like yourself on our team and i wish you all the best in the future, i like reading your posts as they give a great view from the outside on israel and the way it is seen from an outsider looking in,
    enjoy your time here and make us proud on the court!
    all the best
    yossi e.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the video. It’s nice to give the Hapoel fans a look at life away from the court; I hope future blog posts do the same. I appreciate the support!

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