(Unfortunately the HD version was too large to upload on my free account. My apologies.)

Music: Best Day Ever – Mac Miller, I Wonder – Kanye West


Upon returning from a team tour of Spain some two and a half years ago , I made a promise to a few sophomores: I’d make a video about the trip. Between a crazy senior year, draft workouts, graduation, and beginning a new career, the project didn’t make it past a short 1min trailer. A week ago, I stumbled on 6.45GBs of footage while rummaging through the depths of my hard drive here in Tel Aviv. I thought the video clips were long lost on an older laptop or backed up on some forgotten drive.

I honestly didn’t know what would come of my amateur editing and shotty camera footage. I didn’t go into the trip intending to create a video. I just wanted to have some memories. What I found on the hard drive was mostly random moments and visionless shooting. But as I curated the clips, a story emerged and I could remember the feelings, thoughts, joys, etc. I had as a 5th year senior at the time of the trip.

Those sophomores with whom I made the promise are now seniors. As we approach March, and the culmination of their 4 (some 5) year journeys, I find myself reminiscing of that special time in my own career. As you count down your “lasts”, you are constantly reminded for who you’re fighting. And you find solace knowing those same guys stand at your side battling for you. During my time on the Stanford Men’s Basketball team, we called that family. And that year I was part of a very special family.

For my fellow seniors at the time of the trip, I hope the video brings fond memories. And for the sophomores, I’m just glad I could keep my word.


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